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Dog Training Pads Are Great For Pet Owners in Highrises

by alexandra

dog training padsI can still remember bringing home my very first puppy. While I had grown up with cats and hadn’t a clue about raising and training dogs, my girlfriend assured me that this would be a piece of cake, as she had grown up raising dogs.

Anyone who has adopted a puppy knows, potty training is priority one. As I quickly learned, discovering wet and stinky surprises in the corner behind furniture is not fun!

What my girlfriend had not experienced—or considered for that matter—was that we lived on the sixth floor, and getting our little pup outside to a grassy area quickly was no easy matter. Potty training is about consistency and getting your little canine out often enough that they never have to hold it to a point that they are tempted to sneak off to do their business in the guest room while you’re distracted.

But, in a highrise, you don’t have the luxury of sliding open a glass door to a fenced in backyard or even quickly hooking the leash on and doing a quick lap in the front yard. When your front door opens to a sixth floor highway, each trip involves the stairs or waiting for an elevator.


How I Discovered Dog Training Pads

Our eagerness to volunteer for walking duty quickly gave way to bickering about whose turn it was to take Jackson out before bedtime, especially when it was raining out. This particular summer, when we were doing our best to housetrain our new furbaby, it seemed to rain every day for the entire summer. Even if we were willing to brace the shower, Jackson would sit in protest at the front door and refuse to expose himself to getting soaked while he did his business. We had reached a breaking point when my neighbor saw me in the lobby during one of those morning downpours and said, “get yourself some of those pee pads so that you don’t always have to take him outside!”

Eureka. The solution seemed so obvious, but nobody had mentioned this to me before.

If you haven’t used dog training pads before, the concept is simple:
You buy a package of inexpensive pads that are absorbent on one side, and waterproof on the other. These are available at all pet stores and most supermarkets.
Place the pad in the same place—consistency is key here.
When your pup starts to motion or signal that it’s time for business, carry them over to the pad.
Reward successful uses of the pads with enthusiasm and treats. When your pet misses an opportunity to use the pad, carry them over afterwards so they begin to make the connection.
When a pad becomes used, simply fold it up and place it in a water resistant waste bag and dispose of it.

Today, we are able to leave Jackson for a longer period of time without fear that he is holding his waste all day and potentially causing harm to his body. While he enjoys going outdoors (except during those thunderstorms) on most days, he knows he always has a backup plan in the middle of the night, during bad weather or while he’s home alone.

Dog training pads are great for pet owners in highrises! And, for an even more convenient experience, get the Training Champ odor-free dog training pad disposal system to more conveniently dispose of the used pads.

New Advances in Cat Litter Disposal

by alexandra

cat litter disposalDo we really need advances in cat litter disposal?

Well, think about it. The last “innovation” in cat litter disposal was when grocery stores went from paper bags to plastic and we started sealing in each scoop so that our garbage can wouldn’t stink. By the way, if you’re using one of those plastic grocery bags to remove cat litter every day, keep in mind that researchers have found those bags never fully biodegrade. They just build up in our landfills!

We live in a world of smartphones, cloning and space tourism. Surely someone has come up with a better way to cohabitate with our feline friends! Well, I’ve got good news. There has been a slough of advances in cat litter disposal that you should know about.

First of all, you’ve probably noticed that the cat litter product itself has gotten better. In general, cat litter is now lighter-weight, clumps in wet spots and is scented to lock in odor for short periods of time. Nonetheless, we cat caretakers are still forced to regularly scoop, change and clean the cat litter tray.

Which, as I mentioned earlier in the article, can create a lot of unnecessary landfill waste that future generations are going to have to deal with. I know those little grocery store bags don’t seem like much, but imagine your use multiplied by the 96 million cats in the United states alone.  


Is There an Eco-Friendly Cat Litter Disposal System?

The recent advancement in cat litter disposal that is most exciting is a system that simultaneously makes disposal process easier, more eco-friendly and reduces the odor traditionally associated with litter waste. Allow me to introduce you to the Litter Champ Cat Litter Disposal System by Lucky Champ. Litter Champ is the better way to clean up after your cat.

Here are some of the features and benefits of adopting the Litter Champ system:

The clean-looking device can be kept next to all of your litter trays, making the process quick and convenient.
Long-lasting liner saves you money over time.
Continuous liner system assures zero-waste disposal.
Litter Champ Liners will biodegrade 100% underground or in landfill within 9 months to 5 year period.
Exclusive triple-seal design locks odors in.
Odor-free system reduces trips to garbage can
Child-proof lock keep pets and small children out.

Each time you scoop your cat’s litter boxes you are replacing the use of a wasteful plastic bag with an easy scoop into the Litter Champ and sealing the odor and waste inside with the turn of a knob. Conveniently decide when you are ready to transport the waste to an outdoor receptacle without worrying about odor, cleanliness or safety.

Now that is an advance in cat litter disposal worth talking about!

Stay Warm During Winter with Lucky Champ Cat Litter Disposal

by alexandra

cat litter disposalUnless you live in one of the few tropical climates in the United States, you’ve become accustomed to life getting a little less convenient around the house during the winter months. Digging your car out of a snow fortress, winterizing your home and stockpiling groceries in case of a blizzard are just a few of the small prices we pay to enjoy living in a seasonal climate. Nonetheless, we always manage to find a way to make it to Spring.

If we truly take a moment to consider our modern day circumstances however, it’s hard to feel sorry for ourselves. Afterall, in spite of all of those stories our grandparents told us about walking uphill (both ways) to school in six feet of snow every day, they certainly had to make due without many of the conveniences we enjoy today. Heat, communication, home entertainment and transportation have come light years in last generation or two.


Cat Litter Disposal Doesn’t Take Snow Days

In America, as well as much of the rest of the developed world, convenience is king. But until recently, there was one inconvenience that us cat lovers had to endure every winter. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Since nature continues to call for our furry housemates during a three day snowstorm, we’ve had to choose between smelly cat litter waste building up in the garage can or bracing the elements to dispose of dirty cat litter outdoors.

Nobody wants to leave the mild interior confines of our heated homes on an icy night to pry open the outdoor trash lid just to dispose of the cat litter—”it’s your turn, John!” So for the most part, we families with felines had to tolerate the stench that would permeate our kitchens or garages increasingly until trash day.

And let’s not overlook the danger of icy sidewalks for those of us in apartments! Nobody wants to have to explain to our friends that we broke our hip walking the cat litter to the dumpster. We’ve already been warned that we’re about one saturday night at home away from being labeled the crazy cat lady by our social circle.

If only there was some kind of odor-sealing vault that would trap this stinky waste and then allow us to neatly transport the buildup to the outdoor garbage cans when we were ready. You know, when it finally stops snowing!


Litter Champ Cat Litter Disposal

Enter the best thing for cat lovers since timed-release catnip dispensing toys: the Litter Champ Cat Litter Disposal by Lucky Champ. Imagine a low-profile, handsome trash can near each cat litter with a scoop, lid and triple-sealed liner to guard your living quarters from the unpleasant odor within. Just scoop, step and drop! And with Litter Champ’s exclusive triple seal design keeping odors in, there’s no need to empty the pail until it’s completely full. What is this… the future?!

Wait, it gets even better.

You don’t have to touch any part of the waste during this process. The Litter Champ Cat Litter Disposal System comes with a hygienic hands-free pedal and convenient side-hanging scoop. This thing is so easy to use you won’t remember how you got along without it.

And if the felines aren’t your only children in the house, you can rely on the child-proof lock that keeps small children and other curious (i.e. nosey) pets out. The Litter Champ is good looking, compact and can safely house the smelly pet waste for days or weeks until you can permanently dispose of it.

Now that we’ve broken the ice with the Litter Champ, let’s take a look at why we’re so excited about this modern-day convenience:

Odor Free: Exclusive triple-seal design locks odors in and reduces trips to garbage can.
Clean & Hassle-Free Operation: Just, scoop, step and drop, the hygienic hands-free pedal is easy to use.
Economic: Long-lasting liner saves you $$$ over time.
Durable: Made with exclusive ABS resin provides sturdy structure and non-porous surface for easy up-keep. Comes with 5-Year manufacturer’s warranty!
Eco-Friendly: Litter Champ liners will Biodegrade 100% underground or in landfill within 9 months to 5 year period.
Elegant Design: With compact and elegant design, Litter Champ fits any home decor.
Safe: Child-proof Lock keep pets and small children out.

Don’t suffer through another winter without your Litter Champ Cat Litter Disposal System!