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Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers: Cat Litter Disposal System

by alexandra

cat litter disposal systemFinding the perfect gifts for friends and family is hard enough as it is. You always want to get something they will like and use, not something they would have already bought for themselves. When you’re buying a gift for a cat lover in particular, finding the perfect thing is almost impossible.

Cat people tend to be more open-minded, sensitive, intelligent and independent than dog people. They like gifts that are fun and allow them to connect with and care for their cat; cat people are extremely passionate about their furry feline family members. All that taken into consideration, it’s safe to say cat people make sure to always get the best possible gear, supplies, food and toys for their cats anyway. So, the question stands: what do you get the cat lover that has everything?

Fun Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

Cat lovers tend to be fun-loving and affectionate people, despite the fact that cats are stereotypically aloof. I can say from experience that a cat-lover’s favorite activity is sitting at home with their beloved cat and playing, petting, cuddling and just relaxing. Afterall, quality time with a pet is important no matter what kind of pet you have. So, if you’re shopping for a cat lover, consider something fun and cute they can use when vegging out with their kitty.

Think about getting something cat-themed they can wear – from t-shirts to socks to cat ears – that they can use to express their devotion to their cat. The internet is awash with these kinds of gifts.

Cat toys can be just as fun for the owner as they are for the cat, and most cat parents agree that you can never have too many cat toys. Most cats tend to be picky; they’ll have a few favorite toys and end up ignoring the others. So having variety is key. For example, my cat will only play with string. He turns up his nose at mouse-shaped stuffed animals and laser pointers. But if you hold up a shoelace, his big green eyes will light up immediately.

So when shopping for a fun gift for a cat lover, keep in mind that you should be looking for something that both the cat and cat lover can use and enjoy, no matter how picky the kitty.

Useful Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

Cats tend to be a decent amount of work around the house. While they do require less maintenance than dogs do, they still need to be fed, brushed and pampered. The large majority of cats are indoor ones, so getting them exercise is really important in combating feline obesity and other health issues. Active and healthy gifts can be great for any age and breed of cat. Consider any of the following useful gift ideas for the cat lover in your life:

– Self-scratchers that can be attached to table legs or the corner of a wall so kitty can groom and pet themselves when their owner is away.
– Fun-shaped cat towers or mazes for kitty to climb and scratch.
– Cat perches for windowsills and balconies so the cat can get a glimpse of the outside world.
– A new cat carrier if you’ve noticed the current one is worn out. Who doesn’t want to ride to the vet in style?
– Fun and durable cat scratching posts to sharpen those claws.
– Homemade and healthy cat treats to help maintain a balanced and yummy diet.

All these ideas are incredibly useful for keeping kitty healthy and fit. Your cat-lover pal will thank you for it!

Cat Litter Disposal Systems for Cat Lovers

If all else fails, cat litter disposal systems are an absolute must within the cat-owner community. They make fantastic gifts because they are useful, easy to use and benefit the cat and the owner. Look for a system that is:

– Hands free
– Odor free
– Hygienic
– Good for the environment
– Not an eyesore around the home

The Litter Champ disposal system is a perfect gift for cat lovers. It meets all the above criteria. The hands-free pedal allows for clean disposal. The double-sealing lid and scented liner traps in odor and bacteria. The continuous liner eliminates the need for plastic bags which will never decompose in landfills. The elegant design blends in with any home decor. So next Christmas or birthday, consider the Litter Champ for the cat lover in your life.