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by LuckyChampCustomer

Clovis This is my darling Chloe (aka Clovis).  She is so very special to me.  She is the softest, most loving, but naughtiest little cat ever.  She’s a little princess, and she knows it.  She gives me looks such as the one in this photo, and she knows she’ll get whatever she wants.  She has a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia.  However, if you ask her, the only way she’s “different” is that she’s more spoiled than her big brothers!!

Wendy Lee


by LuckyChampCustomer


This photo of my wee-one, Merlin, was taken when he was just a kitten. He is
still quite inquisitive, as is apparent in the photo, head slightly cocked,
staring into the camera. This part of his personality definitely HASN’T
changed and makes him the loveable and playful cat that he has grown into.

He was a new addition to my life Jan 08′ and has made everyday better than
before. I was adopted when I was young so, it was especially fulfilling to
adopt him from my local animal shelter. I guess it was my personal way of

Both he and I were SUPER excited to come across the litter disposal system.
We live in a loft and it is way more convenient not to have to walk all the
way to the dumpster every night. Giving us better air quality and more time
to spend having fun together.

Thank you again for such an innovative design,

It’s puuuuur-fect!!

Carly & Merlin Meyer