No More Daily Trips to the Garbage Can

Put a Litter Champ by each of your litter boxes and see how easy litter cleanup can be. Just scoop, step and drop! And with Litter Champ’s exclusive triple seal design keeping odors in, there’s no need to empty the pail until it’s completely full.


Odor Free
  • Exclusive Triple-Seal design locks odors in.
  • Odor-free system reduces trips to garbage can
Clean & Hassle-Free Operation
  • Just, scoop, step and drop.
  • Hygienic Hands-free pedal is easy to use
  • Long-lasting liner saves you $$$ over time.
  • Continuous Liner System assures Zero-Waste Disposal.
  • Made with exclusive ABS resin provides sturdy structure and Non-Porous surface for easy up-keep.
  • Comes with 5-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  • Litter Champ Liners will Biodegrade 100% under ground or in landfill within 9 months to 5 year period.
Elegant Design
  • With compact and elegant design, Litter Champ fits any home decor.
  • Child-proof Lock keep pets and small children out.
  • Free Standard Liner (Pre-Installed for immediate use.)
  • Free Strong ABS Scoop
  • 5-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Easy to Use, Easy to Empty, Easy to Refill

Installation Guide Download manual

What Cat Lovers Are Saying about Litter Champ


Dimension: 10 7/8” x 16 1/2” x 4 3/4” (275mm x 420mm x 120mm)
Material: Made of durable, water-resistant polyester fabric
Guarantee: Backed by a 5-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty