Why I Invested in a Cat Litter Disposal System

by alexandra

cat litter disposal systemsWhen I got a cat a few months ago, I was ecstatic. I love animals of all shapes and sizes and having one of my own was an exciting concept. My cat Bowie is extremely affectionate, playful and always is ready to cuddle when I’m feeling down.

After adopting him, it became apparent to me that I would have to get used to many, many trips in the elevator in my apartment building; I was constantly emptying his litter box and had to run the plastic bag down to the dumpster. This got really annoying really quickly. I thought to myself, “I only have one cat – if I want to get him a playmate, I’ll have to go to the dumpster twice as often!”

The Cat Litter Disposal System Process

Luckily not long afterwards, I learned about the Litter Champ. It seemed like a heavenly answer to my prayers. As soon as I got it home and set it up, I realized it was more than worth the investment. It sits unassumingly in my bathroom, practically blending into the wall behind it. I keep the included scoop right next to it. Bowie is extremely clean and hates when his litter box is dirty. So every morning, like a dutiful cat mom, I grab the scoop and clean the box out. With one foot on the Litter Champ pedal, all I have to do is drop the waste in and let the double-sealing lid fall closed. That’s it! No mess, no fuss and no smell.

I was convinced, however, that within a day or two, I would have to empty the cannister. Surely, after a few days worth of waste, my bathroom would smell horrible. But the smell never came. I had a friend over after a week and I cringed when she asked to use the restroom. What if it did stink and I had simply grown accustomed to it? Before she left I asked if the smell bothered her. She told me she didn’t even realize there was a litter box in the room! I was astounded.

It took two full weeks until my canister was full. I also used it for other bathroom waste, so if I had dedicated it purely to litter, I’m sure it would have lasted longer. When I realized I couldn’t fit anything else into the bag, I opened up the front door, pulled the bag down and cut the continuous liner on the covered blade on the inside of the door. I tied off the top and realized happily that even outside the canister, the bag kept in the odor!

The Cat Litter Disposal Benefits

Looking back at what I used to have to do to keep Bowie’s litter box clean, I can’t believe everyone doesn’t use the Litter Champ. I used to have to deal with:

–  Hunting down plastic bags and the guilt that came with using so many
–  That one time the bag split in the elevator and I had to sweep up cat poop in front of my neighbors
–  The smell that permeated my house if I didn’t get to the box in time
–  Constant time-sucking trips to the dumpster
–  The risk of getting my hands dirty when trying to empty the litter box

Eliminating all these pesky factors has truly made buying the Litter Champ worth it.