Three Ways to Control Litter Box Odor

by alexandra

controlling litter box odorWho likes the smell of a dirty litter box? I sure don’t. The smell can permeate a room and sometimes an entire home. Can you imagine if you were the one who had to sit in and use that box on a daily basis? Poor kitty! At least 10% of cats will stop using their litter box if they find it too smelly.

Luckily for us loving cat owners, there are easy ways to curb litter box odor before it even begins.

1. Make Sure You Are Using the Right Litter

The litter you use plays a large part in how well you can control litter box odor. Although cats tend to be rather particular about which kind of litter they like to use, there are definitely some litters that do the job better than others. Look for a kitty litter with these properties:

– Avoid perfumes and additives that claim to mask or bury the smell. They often make the scent more overwhelming and make it easier for the smell to travel. Most cats don’t like them very much anyway.
– Buy a litter that clumps easily, so you can lift all the solid and liquid waste out easily and all at once so nothing gets left behind. Granulated litter has its benefits, but clumping litters grip waste more effectively and help remove it much easier.
– Use a liner in the box or else wash it out weekly to avoid bacteria from sticking to the bottom of the pan and prolonging the odor.

2. Make Sure You Are Emptying The Box Often

Emptying the litter box is a chore no one enjoys. I myself tend to put it off sometimes, even though I know I should do it daily. My cat Bowie has to remind me every so often; he will stand disapprovingly outside his litter box and meow at me until I rush to his aid.

Even though emptying the box is one of the most unappealing parts of having a cat, doing it often will ensure that bacteria doesn’t build up and create an odor. At this point you may be saying, “But emptying the litter box every single day is so time consuming, monotonous and difficult. How can I make it easier?” The answer is simple – Litter Champ.

The Litter Champ makes emptying the litter box as easy at it could possibly be, short of your cat doing it for you. Simply grab the scoop, press down on the Litter Champ’s pedal with your foot, scoop and drop. And you’re done! No plastic bags to hold open, no spills to clean up and no trips to the dumpster taking up your precious time. With a 1-2-3 system like the Litter Champ, emptying the litter box is easy and can be done every day with ease.

3. Make Sure You Are Keeping the Waste Contained

Most cat owners resort to the old system of shoveling their used cat litter, solid and liquid waste and all, into an old plastic grocery bag and either filling it up, or tossing it in the dumpster every time they have to empty the litter box. By keeping the bag around until it’s full, you’re letting bacteria and odor out into the air of your home. Tossing the plastic bag each time may not contribute to odor but let’s face it, it’s annoying, time consuming and flat out too much work – especially if the weather outside isn’t accommodating. So how do you find a happy medium?

The Litter Champ canister has a double-seal lid which keeps the container tightly shut. Little to no bacteria has a chance to escape and spread odor throughout your home. Not only that, but the continuous liners are thick enough to resist tearing and are lightly scented. Even after you remove the bag from the canister, you won’t have to worry about odor. By keeping the waste contained you’re not only eliminating odor, but you’re keeping your home more hygienic by containing potentially harmful bacteria as well.

All in all, the 3 ways to control litter box odor are fairly easy to achieve. Two out of the three can be accomplished with one simple, sleek, easy to use product: the Litter Champ.