Proper Disposal of Dog Training Pads

by alexandra

dog training padsDog owners will agree that having a dog is like having a live-in best friend. However, caring for them can be a lot of work. They need to be bathed, fed, entertained, trained, exercised and loved. Unlike cats, who need little maintenance, dogs tend to be quite messy and grow to be very dependant on their owners.

There are no shortcuts to truly caring for a happy and healthy dog. But there are, however, tools available that make the process easier for you. Anyone who has house trained a puppy or lived in a particularly rainy or snowy climate knows that dog training pads are a dog owner’s best friend. They transform a piece of your home into the outdoors, the perfect substitute for taking your dog outside to do his business.

The Life Cycle of a Dog Training Pad

Even a miraculous invention like the dog training pad has it’s downsides. What do you do with the soaked and dirty pad after it’s been used? The life of a training pad typically follows this sequence of events:

1. The pad will sit in a corner and wait for a dog to use it.
2. After being used, the pad remains out until the dog owner comes home.
3. When the dog owner arrives home, he or she has to pick up the training pad (potentially getting pee on their hands) and carry it to the trash can (potentially getting pee all over the house).
4. Then the pad has to sit in a trashcan until the trash goes out, dispersing more odor and bacteria into the air.

There is an easier and more hygienic way to dispose of training pads.

The Better Way to Dispose of Dog Training Pads

The first problem with dog training pads is moving them. You could grab a paper towel with which to lift the sodden pad, but how much protection does that really give your hands?

Using a product like the Dooty Champ can save you from that awful feeling of liquid soaking through the towel and getting onto your skin. The Dooty Champ pet waste bags are 18 microns thick. Your hands will remain dry and clean, no matter how dirty the training pad is. And, they are lightly scented so you don’t have to worry about unwanted odors lingering on your hands.

The Dooty Champ is only the first half of the solution. The coup de gras is the Training Champ, the odor-free dog training pad disposal system, designed specifically for this problem. The hands-free pedal allows you to step and drop, sealing the soiled pad inside beneath a double sealing lid. Odors don’t stand a chance against the Training Champ – it holds 7 gallons worth of training pads, which means emptying it less frequently.

House training a new puppy or saving your beloved dog from going out in the cold has never been easier with the Training Champ. It is true that having a dog can be a lot of hard work. But with the Training Champ and Dooty Champ working in tandem, it can be hygienic, odor-free and an immensely rewarding experience.