Is Your Cat Litter Disposal System Child-Proof?

by alexandra

cat litter disposal systemAs of 2015, about 30% of average American households contained children. Over 30% of households had at least one cat, the most popular domestic pet in America. Overall, families with children are much more likely to own pets than those without. Having a both a pet and a child in the same home can turn your life upside down, but can also add fun and love in ways you never expected.

If you are welcoming a new life into your home – be it cat or child – there are some things you may want to know about how to create a safe and harmonious home for both.

Common Myths About Babies and Cats

To start off, let’s dispel some myths that are floating around. There is a lot of misinformation out there concerning kids and cats living together under the same roof. They include:

– The idea that cat feces, if touched by the pregnant mother, could harm or even kill a fetus due to a disease called toxoplasmosis. This disease is real, but it’s much more  likely to be contracted from unsafe handling of raw meat. Even still, moms-to-be should always make sure to wash their hands thoroughly after emptying the litter box.

– The rumor that cats have the ability to smother babies or steal air from their lungs. Sounds terrifying, but totally untrue. This most likely came from an old wives tale.

– Cats can hear a baby crying and crawl into their crib to comfort them, hurting them accidentally. Cats do like to cuddle and are curious of new noises, but there are little to no documented cases of cats hurting babies this way.

– Rumors that flea bites can seriously harm babies. At most, a flea bite will cause a small rash but nothing more. Baby or no baby, make sure your cat doesn’t have fleas by talking to your vet. No one likes fleas, especially your cat.

– Babies are able to access cat waste in the trash and can get sick from exposure to it. This is a rarity, but keeping a child-proof cat litter disposal system in your home can make it an impossibility.

Of course, supervising a curious baby is essential, especially with a cat in the house. The easiest way to prevent illness, both for yourself and for your child, this is to use a cat litter disposal system that is completely child-proof.

What Makes a Cat Litter Disposal System Child-Proof?

There are three main features on a cat litter disposal system you should look for in order to ensure your child won’t be able to access its contents and get sick.

1. The system should have a lid with a multi-seal design. This means that there is more than one opening that shuts tight in order to lock in bacteria and odor. It can also prevent small hands from simply opening the top and reaching inside.

2. Any system you choose should have a hands-free design. Hands-free systems have a foot pedal that you have to step on in order to open the multi-seal lid. Children typically don’t have the strength or the know-how to work a system like this, even though for you, it’s simple.

3. Lastly, the container should have a childproof lock. Many systems just have a door on the side that you open up to pull the bag out of. A child-proof lock will include a knob, button or other simple mechanical device that will be too difficult for a child to operate.

Ideally, to prevent illnesses and parasites, you should invest in a cat litter disposal system that has all three of these features. The Litter Champ from Lucky Champ has all three and more, making it one of the best child-proof cat litter disposal systems available.

The exclusive triple-seal design keeps children out for good. This is also great for you because the secure seal locks odors in and prevents an unpleasant smell even when full. The Litter Champ incorporates a step-and-drop function that means no hands are required to open the top and deposit waste. And the child-proof lock tops it all off, making the Litter Champ the most child-proof cat litter disposal system on the market.