Eliminate That Pesky Litter Box Odor!

by alexandra

controlling litter box odorFor millions of families worldwide, having a pet cat (or two or three or six) is one of life’s greatest treasures. Cats are extremely self sufficient, super cuddly and fun to play with. Five minutes with a tabby and a laser pointer and you’ll be all smiles.

At the same time, there are a few irritants that come along with having a cat. Most kitties find great joy in ruining expensive furniture with their sharp claws. You could make a whole other cat with all the hair left on your clothes and what cat owner hasn’t had to struggle with picky eaters? But perhaps the most universal issue that cat owners face is that pesky litter box.

The only thing worse than constantly having to shovel cat poop from what is essentially just a box to another box, is the smell that comes along with it. If you leave the litter box full for too long, the smells wafts horribly out of the box and infects your home like a monster from a horror movie. And even if you’re incredibly diligent and empty the litter box obsessively every single day, the waste can still sit in your trash for days until you’re forced to run around your house, holding your nose closed with one hand and a can of air freshener held high in the other.

To avoid this smelly situation, you’ll probably have to take the cat waste from the litter box, put it straight into a shopping bag or another disposable container, and run it outside to the dumpster daily. It’s the only solution to save your home from smelling less than fresh. Or is it?

It’s Time To Eliminate That Pesky Litter Box Odor

There is a better solution than plastic grocery bags and awful odor. It’s called the Litter Champ and it’s making emptying the litter box seem (and smell) like a walk in the park. There are 3 unique qualities about the Litter Champ that make it the end-all-be-all solution for pesky litter box odor:

1. The ‘step and drop’ system allows you to open the lid with your foot, toss in the waste and let the lid fall closed. With a system this easy, you may even look forward to emptying the litter box.

2. The double seal lid design keeps odors in once and for all. The smell is completely trapped within the unit and won’t make your house smell, even if you don’t take it outside for a few days.

3. The continuous scented liners specially designed for the Litter Champ are made of a powerful polyethylene resin and hold the waste safely within the canister, keeping in odor and eliminating waste and torn garbage bags.

And there you have it! Litter box odor simply cannot stand up to the Litter Champ. Once you get one you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.