Don’t Let Dog Training Pads Stink Up Your Home

by alexandra

dog training padsThe addition of a new pet, especially a puppy, is one of the most exciting milestones in any household. While the experience is typically overwhelmingly positive, there are a few issues that can spoil the lovefest.

In addition to losing some shoes, rugs or furniture to a teething process, the issue of housetraining the new puppy can be a trying endeavour.

There are many questions that will come up:

– Who will walk the puppy?
– What schedule should we train the puppy on based on the families work, school and life patterns?
– How will we praise and discipline the puppy throughout the process?
– Should we use dog training pads to assist with the process?

In this article, we will take a look at one of the downsides of using dog training pads—waste odor—and how to mitigate it.

What are Dog Training Pads?

Dog training pads are double-sided pads, with the top side being absorbent and the bottom side being water-proof. They come in a square or rectangle shape in various sizes. The size you select will be determined by the size of your pet. Tiny dogs might only need an 18” pad, while larger dogs or multiple dogs being trained simultaneously would need a much larger pad size.

By placing the pads in a consistent spot in your home and training your puppy that they are an acceptable place to potty, you can reduce or eliminate your pet from soiling your carpets or other flooring. Dog training pads are disposable, resemble the look and feel of diaper material, and are sold in pet stores and many supermarkets.

Why Dog Training Pads can Leave Odor

If you’ve ever been around a used diaper, you’re familiar with the odor that can permeate the room. Just as it is good practice to seal a used diaper in an odor containing bag or transport it outside, used dog training pads should be handled similarly. It is common for pet owners to allow a pad to be reused once or twice and this can actually assist with the potty training, but any used pad left for too long is going to become a source of odor.

While solid waste will emit a strong odor immediately and should be flushed or sealed as it is deposited, urine waste may not emit much odor until it has had time to decompose. The most common and persistent odors pet owners using dog training pads experience is from used training pads that are disposed of in a casual manner, such as in the kitchen or bathroom waste cans.

A more deliberate disposal of these odor-causing pads can be easy and also more sanitary with a pet waste disposal system.  

Eliminating Odor From Dog Training Pads In Your Home

Similar to the nifty and innovative diaper disposal systems many new parents are gifted when they are expecting, specialized waste systems exist on the market specifically for your pets. This is your best solution at eliminating dog training pad odor from your home because you’ll essentially be containing the odor before it can spread.

Your home will be a more pleasant environment if you do dispose of used pads quickly and thoroughly because the odor will be trapped and not allowed to inundate your home.
Consider the Training Champ odor-free dog training pad disposal system to more conveniently dispose of the used pads. It’s simple to use and the 7-gallon capacity canister makes the disposal of your dog’s training pads convenient and odor-free, sealing the odor inside the innovative canister!