Choosing a Cat Litter Disposal System

by alexandra

cat litter disposal systemDid you know that 30% of all the homes in the United States have at least one cat? That’s a lot of cats. And if the average home has 2 cats, that’s about 72 million cats, which means at least 36 million litter boxes being used at least once a day. That’s a lot of used litter!

With so many furry feline friends out there, the market for cat products is enormous. The options for cat litter disposal systems alone are abundant. They all swear to be the cat’s meow; if you walk into any pet supply store in the country, you’ll be inundated with products that promise to be easy and odor-free when in reality they usually fail to get the job done. Finding the perfect one for you can be expensive and time consuming if you don’t know exactly what to look for from the beginning.

Why Do You Need A Cat Litter Disposal System?

You may ask yourself why you even need a special system just for throwing away your cat’s waste. It’s a good question, but let’s look at the alternative. Without a designated container for cat litter disposal, you have to toss your cat’s waste into the garbage can you use for everything else. Yeah, the one in your kitchen. Near your food… gross! And that also means that every time you go to throw something away, you’re hit in the face with a cloud of undesirable odor.

You could try to scoop the poop into one of the million plastic grocery bags you’ve collected over time, tie them up and toss them away. Most cat owners depend on this system, thinking there’s no better way. Not only is this method extremely environmentally unfriendly (those bags take between 500 and 1,000 years to decompose completely) but those bags are thin and sometimes have holes or tears. And what could have been a quick and easy process now involves dragging out the vacuum cleaner and vacuuming up the trail of waste-infected kitty litter you dropped across the house.

What To Look For When Choosing a Cat Litter Disposal System

Let’s say you’ve decided to give up the good old plastic bag routine. Now what? There are some factors you want to look for when choosing a cat litter disposal system in order to get the most “meow” for your money. When out shopping for one, look for:

1. A continuous liner that is easy to empty and refill.
2. A double seal system that effectively traps in odor.
3. Hands free operation that prevents you from having to actually touch the unit with your hands.
4. A way to lock the unit shut so that pets and small children can’t get inside.
5. A sturdy scoop that’s included with the unit.
6. A durable device with a reliable warranty.

Why is the Litter Champ the Perfect Cat Litter Disposal System?

Simply put, the Litter Champ meets all the qualifications outlined above and then some.

The liner is continuous, lasts about 3 months and is lightly scented which effectively covers any odor. The inside of the unit even has a small, easy to use tool that lets you cut the bag without hunting around for scissors. Simply tie the bag on the top after cutting and tie the next bag on the bottom, pull the bag down, close the door of the unit and you’re all set. This long lasting liner saves you money and is biodegradable so it’s kind to your wallet and the Earth, as well as your nose.

The Litter Champ’s double seal system creates a double layer of protection and odor-blocking, shutting in bacteria that would otherwise drift out of an uncovered container. The hands-free pedal means you only need to step down on the pedal to lift the lid, make your deposit using the included scoop, and then lift your foot up to drop the lid back down. It’s hygienic, very fast and you only have to use one hand!

If you’re still unconvinced and would rather stick with flimsy plastic bags, remember: most cats hate vacuums and typically dive for cover as soon as you turn one on. Be nice to your cat and get the Litter Champ.