An Intelligent Solution for Cat Litter Disposal

by alexandra

cat litter disposalCats are some of the oldest and most loved domestic pets. In ancient Egypt, the killing of a cat was punishable by death! But despite our best efforts to make them love us, every cat owner knows that while a dog is a man’s best friend, a cat is a cat’s best friend. They typically only come to us when they want something and they tend to be very picky about how much and what kind of attention they want.

However, they do make excellent pets. Not only are they soft and cuddly, but tend to be extremely intelligent. While it’s easier to teach dogs tricks, few would disagree that your average housecat could easily outwit any domesticated pup.

How Smart Are Cats Anyway?

Scientists have tried to figure out just how smart cats are, but have run into some unsurprising roadblocks.

“There’d probably be more research on cats if they would just do what they were told for two seconds. But cats’ famed aloofness extends even to the laboratory […] and researchers’ attempts to cajole cats into giving up a glimpse into their minds are blocked by cats’ preferences to just be doing something else.” (smithsonianmag)

When comparing the actual brain structure of a cat versus a dog, a cat’s brain is much more advanced. The cerebral cortex – the area responsible for thinking and rational decision-making in the brain – is a complex area that varies from animal to animal. The cerebral cortex in a cat is almost twice as complex as that of a dog; containing 300 million nerve cells while that of the average dog contains only about 160 million. Putting that into perspective: we have about 26 billion.

No matter how lazy your cat is, pretty much all domesticated cats are smart enough to know how to use a litter box. Some may be better at keeping the litter inside the box than others, but that’s a whole other issue. However, even the smartest cats can’t be trained to empty their own litter box. That responsibility falls to you, the lowly cat owner – or in their eyes, the loyal servant, cook and toy-buyer.

It’s time to rise to your cats’ level. The days of allowing the smell to saturate our homes if we don’t get to the litter box in time are long gone. It’s time for a smarter solution to this problem.

The Smart Cat Litter Disposal Solution

There are quite a few challenges when it comes to cat litter disposal:

The odor of feces sitting untouched until you can scoop it away
Flimsy scoops that might break and make a mess
The litter box filling up and spilling litter
Finding a plastic bag to scoop the waste into
Running to the dumpster everytime you have to empty the litter box

There is a smarter solution. The Litter Champ addresses every undesirable problem that comes with being on poop patrol 24/7.

What does the Litter Champ give you, you ask?

A double-seal lid that locks in odors and bacteria so that no matter how much poop you’ve scooped, no one has to know. An added bonus is the hands-free step that allows you to open and close the can without coming into contact with the unit.

A sturdy ABS scoop that hangs conveniently on the side of the unit. Say goodbye to flimsy plastic that snaps and sends feces flying.

An easy and fast system that is less of a burden. If you can empty the box more often, the box won’t fill up as fast and your cats will have more room to move around comfortably.

A continuous liner system that saves plastic and provides you with a sturdy bag that is much less likely to rip and leave you with poop covered shoes.

A large capacity canister that stores the waste, odor free, until the unit is full. Fewer trips outside to the garbage is a must, especially in the colder months.

It’s impossible to deny that each feature of the Litter Champ is a smart solution to the toughest litter box problems. Your cat probably won’t respect you any more for it, but they will appreciate a clean, hygienic and odor-free environment in which to ignore you.