How to Handle Training Pad Disposal

by alexandra

training pad disposal Dogs have been called man’s best friend for hundreds of years… and for good reason. They are loyal and loving and want nothing more than to sit by your side after a long day or chase a ball in the park with you.

Raising a dog from puppyhood can be one of the most rewarding experiences you ever have. Seeing him or her grow and training them yourself creates a lifelong bond between you and your pup. Even though puppies can be a lot of work to train, dogs are exceptionally smart and you’ll find that proper training can be easier than you think.

The Problem With House Training

That being said, house training your puppy can still be something of a challenge. Dogs naturally want to go outside to do their business, so training them against their instincts will take time and patience. One of the least fun parts about house training is the cleanup.

Training pads are a fantastic invention, used to give your dog a place to “go” without ruining your floors. They are easier to clean up than using a mop or paper towels; they just go straight in the trash. But even this system has its pitfalls:

– Say your training pad is in the living room and your trashcan is in the kitchen. That may be a long way to carry a dripping training pad.

– Your average trash can may have a lid, but no seal. This means your kitchen may begin to smell less than pleasant.

– What if your dog somehow gets into the trash? (A bad habit of many puppies) Eggshells and banana peels are gross enough to have to pick up, much less a used week old training pad.

Luckily, there is one product that will help you handle training pad disposal in a much easier and more hygienic way.

How the Training Champ Helps You Handle Training Pad Disposal

The Training Champ is your way of streamlining and cleaning up the training pad disposal process. The sleek and unassuming design of the training pad means you can keep it anywhere. The best place: right beside your training pad! That way you simply have to step and drop, leaving no drips or tracks in between.

The canister can hold up to 7 gallons at a time, so you won’t have to empty it for weeks. The Litter Champ is child- and animal-proof and has a double-sealing lid. This means that there will be no unwelcome odor and your curious puppy won’t be able to get into it.

Getting a puppy should be a fun and rewarding experience. Eliminate one of the most stressful parts, and you can spend more energy playing and less time cleaning.

How to Control Cat Litter Box Odor

by alexandra

how to control cat litter box odor As a cat owner, I am no stranger to cat litter box odor. Controlling it can be a struggle, especially if you live in a small apartment like I do. Luckily, I have found some simple ways on how control cat litter box odor once and for all.

My Journey To Control Cat Litter Box Odor

1. When I realized the odor from my cat’s litter box was getting a little out of control, I first took a look at the litter itself. I was using a fairly cheap brand that didn’t clump well, but fell apart when I tried removing it. Once I switched to a clay-based clumping litter, I realized the odor diminished slightly. Clumping litters also help you remove waste more cleanly, leaving nothing behind.

2. I witnessed my mom cleaning a carpet one day and noticed she used a sprinkling of baking soda to help suppress odor. After some research, I found that the same principle can be applied to litter box odor. Baking soda is natural, absorbs moisture, and helps control litter box odor easily.

3. When I first noticed the odors, I tried using air fresheners to beat the smell. I quickly found that the flowery tropical scent just sat on top of the odor and did nothing to neutralize it.

4. I had originally placed the litter box under a small table with a cloth covering so it would be hidden from view. I hoped that the odor would also be trapped beneath the cloth. I found opposite happened. Every time I went to empty the box, the smell had concentrated and became stronger than ever. I soon found keeping the box in a well-ventilated area did a better job at curbing strong odor.

5. Despite all my solutions to litter box odor, there was still one hurdle left: in order for all of these things to work, I had to empty my litter box pretty much every single day. Otherwise, the build up of odor was impossible. This meant a lot of trips outdoors (even in the heavy rain) and a lot of plastic garbage bags wasted. I finally found the end-all-be-all solution to my cat litter odor problems.

The Litter Champ and Litter Box Odor

Having a Litter Champ means I can control litter box odor at every stage of the process. It allows me to empty the litter box daily and keep odors under control in multiple ways. Unlike plastic garbage bags, the Litter Champ has a triple-seal lid, so no odors or bacteria can escape.

The large canister can hold more waste than your typical plastic grocery bag. This means I can empty the box daily without making frequent trips to the dumpster. The step-and-drop design means I don’t have to accidentally touch anything I don’t want to when emptying the litter box. Finally, the scented liners are included and securely hold any odors in for good.

My efforts to control my cat’s litter box odor has been made that much easier by the Litter Champ.

Controlling Litter Box Odor with Litter Champ

by alexandra

controlling litter box odor When I first got my cat, everything seemed to go better than expected. He was already declawed, which may not have been my first choice, but it means I didn’t have to worry about scratches on the furniture. My cat was healthy and happy when I got him, and his previous owner was so grateful I was adopting him, she provided me with free food and litter the day I took him home.

I remember being nothing short of thrilled when I first got him. Everyone told me having a pet would be a challenge, but I remember thinking, “This is easy!” Cats clean themselves and require almost no maintenance. He was loving and affectionate–especially on bad days. Having Bowie in my life seemed to have no downsides.

I realized within a few days that there was one thing I wasn’t prepared for: litter box odor.

Because my cat was healthy, the odor wasn’t extreme. But even a normal amount of odor is still an odor. I realized quickly that I was either going to have to empty his litter box daily (even if it was hurricane season), ask guests to use the guest bathroom whenever they came over, or else live with the odor and embarrassment. Thankfully, I didn’t have to do either of these things because a coworker suggested Litter Champ.

How Does the Litter Champ Control Litter Box Odor?

I keep my Litter Champ in my bathroom near the litter box and I have been surprised at the difference it makes in controlling litter box odor . It is a medium sized container, not much larger than a normal bathroom trash can. It’s off-white color and sleek shape blends in perfectly with my bathroom decor.

There are so many reasons why I love my Litter Champ disposal system and the way in which it helps me control litter box odor:

– The Litter Champ has a triple sealing lid. This means that when it’s closed, it’s truly closed. No bacteria or odors can escape and cause my home to smell. Before the Litter Champ, I used plastic garbage bags. Even tied shut, if I didn’t throw it away outside immediately, the odor was able to escape. Most cat owners know this problem all too well.

– The Step and Drop system on the Litter Champ means it is completely hands-free. Because my hands are free, I am not struggling to hold things open and scoop at the same time. My previous method often resulted in spills or getting litter on my hands. Yuck! But the hands-free method is more hygienic and eliminates the potential to spread odor-causing bacteria.

– One of the worst parts about the litter box process is taking the waste outside to the dumpster every single day. I hate to admit that I would skip a day every once and a while because of rain or just plain laziness. This does nothing to help curb litter box odor. The Litter Champ has a large capacity container and because it holds in odor so well, I only need to empty it once every few weeks!

Now, Bowie and I are able to live in harmony, odor-free, thanks to the Litter Champ.

Is Litter Box Odor Inevitable?

by alexandra

controlling litter box odor Cats are the world’s most popular pet and usually the most clean. Cat owners love the fact that, unlike dogs, cats don’t have to be bathed or brushed on a regular basis. Felines are fastidious self-groomers; if you notice, after petting your cat, he will probably lick that spot a few times to remove whatever gross human germs you left on him. And unless they are too old or sick to do so, cats do an excellent job of burying their waste with litter.

Aside from feeding themselves (and even some cats can do that on their own), cleaning out the litter box is the one thing cats need you for. That being said, most cat lovers have subscribed to the idea that the litter box always being an annoying source for odors and bacteria is just a fact of life.

Luckily, these people are mistaken.

Let’s explore the many ways to control litter box odor once and for all.

Litter Box Odor Can Be Under Your Control

Here are some every day and easy ways you can conquer litter box odor.

1. Pick the type of litter you use carefully. Clay-based clumping litters can block odors best and are more eco-friendly. They trap bacteria at the source to eliminate odor.

2. Litter deodorizers – like simple baking soda – can be added to curb the smell in a natural way. Avoid sprays and air fresheners as they often just add to smells and can irritate a cat’s sensitive little nose.

3. Place the litter box in a well-ventilated location that is still away from high-traffic locations in the house.

4. Look into carbon litter box liners. These innovative inventions just look like sheets of fine sandpaper. You place them at the bottom of the litter box and only need to be replaced about once a month. They are great for absorbing odors directly from the source.

5. Your cat’s diet may be contributing to the unusually strong smell of his or her waste. Nutritious food, free of fillers, by-products and things like wheat and corn are much easier on kitty tummies. If you notice that your cat’s litter box is particularly smelly, consult your vet right away.

6. Scoop daily. If the waste starts piling up, the smell will increase as well. This may seem like the most difficult and annoying step, but there is a fantastic solution that allows you to scoop every day, yet avoid daily trips to the dumpster.

Controlling Litter Box Odor with the Litter Champ

The Litter Champ is a remarkable yet simple product that allows you to dispose of used kitty litter in an easy and hygienic way.

One of the largest culprits of litter box odor is the actual disposal system itself. Think about it – you scoop the waste out of the box and drop it into a flimsy plastic shopping bag. You then have to tie that bag up and bring it outside to the dumpster. Anything can go wrong during this process.

The bag could rip or move and used litter could spill onto the floor. This means your floor is now dirty and covered in smelly bacteria.  It could be raining or snowing or there could be a new Game of Thrones on and you may not want to go outside right then. Leaving the bag for tomorrow just allows the odor to permeate your home through the bag. Putting off cleaning out the litter box because of the hassle just allows waste to build up, and we already saw what that means.

With the Litter Champ, you simply drop the waste into the hands-free, triple-sealed container. No spills or slips means no messy floor. You don’t have to take it out until it’s full. And thanks to the large canister, lightly scented liners and odor-free design, you may last an entire season of Game of Thrones before having to empty the Litter Champ.

So, is cat litter box odor inevitable? The answer is a resounding “no.” There are many things you can do to combat odors in your home and the Litter Champ is at the top of the list.

Is Your Cat Litter Disposal System Child-Proof?

by alexandra

cat litter disposal systemAs of 2015, about 30% of average American households contained children. Over 30% of households had at least one cat, the most popular domestic pet in America. Overall, families with children are much more likely to own pets than those without. Having a both a pet and a child in the same home can turn your life upside down, but can also add fun and love in ways you never expected.

If you are welcoming a new life into your home – be it cat or child – there are some things you may want to know about how to create a safe and harmonious home for both.

Common Myths About Babies and Cats

To start off, let’s dispel some myths that are floating around. There is a lot of misinformation out there concerning kids and cats living together under the same roof. They include:

– The idea that cat feces, if touched by the pregnant mother, could harm or even kill a fetus due to a disease called toxoplasmosis. This disease is real, but it’s much more  likely to be contracted from unsafe handling of raw meat. Even still, moms-to-be should always make sure to wash their hands thoroughly after emptying the litter box.

– The rumor that cats have the ability to smother babies or steal air from their lungs. Sounds terrifying, but totally untrue. This most likely came from an old wives tale.

– Cats can hear a baby crying and crawl into their crib to comfort them, hurting them accidentally. Cats do like to cuddle and are curious of new noises, but there are little to no documented cases of cats hurting babies this way.

– Rumors that flea bites can seriously harm babies. At most, a flea bite will cause a small rash but nothing more. Baby or no baby, make sure your cat doesn’t have fleas by talking to your vet. No one likes fleas, especially your cat.

– Babies are able to access cat waste in the trash and can get sick from exposure to it. This is a rarity, but keeping a child-proof cat litter disposal system in your home can make it an impossibility.

Of course, supervising a curious baby is essential, especially with a cat in the house. The easiest way to prevent illness, both for yourself and for your child, this is to use a cat litter disposal system that is completely child-proof.

What Makes a Cat Litter Disposal System Child-Proof?

There are three main features on a cat litter disposal system you should look for in order to ensure your child won’t be able to access its contents and get sick.

1. The system should have a lid with a multi-seal design. This means that there is more than one opening that shuts tight in order to lock in bacteria and odor. It can also prevent small hands from simply opening the top and reaching inside.

2. Any system you choose should have a hands-free design. Hands-free systems have a foot pedal that you have to step on in order to open the multi-seal lid. Children typically don’t have the strength or the know-how to work a system like this, even though for you, it’s simple.

3. Lastly, the container should have a childproof lock. Many systems just have a door on the side that you open up to pull the bag out of. A child-proof lock will include a knob, button or other simple mechanical device that will be too difficult for a child to operate.

Ideally, to prevent illnesses and parasites, you should invest in a cat litter disposal system that has all three of these features. The Litter Champ from Lucky Champ has all three and more, making it one of the best child-proof cat litter disposal systems available.

The exclusive triple-seal design keeps children out for good. This is also great for you because the secure seal locks odors in and prevents an unpleasant smell even when full. The Litter Champ incorporates a step-and-drop function that means no hands are required to open the top and deposit waste. And the child-proof lock tops it all off, making the Litter Champ the most child-proof cat litter disposal system on the market.

Why Cat Lovers are Flocking to Cat Litter Disposal Systems

by alexandra

cat litter disposal systemThe world today is all about innovation. We live in a society of instant gratification. Everyone is always searching for the newest tool, resource, article or app to make our lives easier. Why do things by hand when they can be automated? Why do things the older, slower way when we can do things the newer, faster way? This way of thinking has extended from how we start our cars to how we order our food. But there is one area of our lives I bet you may never have thought of making quicker and easier: cat litter disposal!

For as long as we have kept our beloved pet cats indoors with us, we have had to cater to them. We bring them food and water, buy them toys and treats and, the least fun part, we clean up after them. Cat lovers know that cleaning out a litter box is probably the least fun thing you will do all day. From the smell to the pieces of litter that invade every corner of your home, “cleaning the litter box” is at the top of the cons list when it comes to owning a pet cat.

With the advent of cat litter disposal systems, however, all of these icky irritants can become things of the past. Let’s take a look at the main reasons why many cat lovers are choosing cat litter disposal systems to streamline the kitty cleanup process.

No More Odor

One of the most embarrassing things about having a pet cat is the smell that can come from the litter box. There’s almost nothing worse than when someone knows you have a cat before seeing him, just due to the smell alone.

Many of the best and highest quality cat litter disposal systems are specially designed to trap and lock odors in for good. They can do this in multiple ways that require little to no work on your part:

– A triple seal lid prevent odor-causing bacteria from leaking into the air of your home and contributing to odor.

– A larger canister and better odor protection means you have to open it less often in order to empty it. This means fewer trips to take the waste through your home to the outside garbage.

– Many cat litter disposal systems have lightly scented bags which will mask any odor that may happen to escape. And a pleasant light scent is better than no scent at all! Guests may even remark at how nice your bathroom smells, not noticing the litter box hidden away.

Sanitary and Hands-Free to Use

As if the odor associated with cleaning up a litter box isn’t enough, there’s the mess that comes along with it. Most traditional litter boxes require you to scoop the waste out of the container and into a flimsy plastic garbage bag. Studies show that your cell phone has 18x more bacteria on it than a typical public restroom toilet handle. That’s a lot of bacteria on something we view as relatively clean. There are no studies to prove it, but scooping poop must transfer just as much or more bacteria to your hand that holds the bag!

Luckily, there are cat litter disposal systems. The best ones are hands-free, allowing you to use a foot pedal to lift the lid and deposit the waste quickly and easily. Using a sturdy and sealed container for waste is much safer than using plastic garbage bags which are prone to rips and tears.

Cat Litter Disposal Systems are the Economic Option

Speaking of garbage bags, how many do you think you go through in a week emptying the litter box? A month? A year? Those bags can really add up and what they add up to is decades in a landfill.

A good quality cat litter disposal system saves you from having to constantly waste those bags. The best ones can store up to 5 gallons worth of waste before needing to be emptied. And if you do go for a cat litter disposal system, look for one that includes liners that are 100% biodegradable so you can do the planet a favor.

The Cat Litter Disposal System To Top Them All

It’s easy to see why cat lovers adore cat litter disposal systems. They solve almost every problem that comes along with kitty litter disposal.

If you are curious about investing in one of these cat litter disposal systems, you can’t do much better than the Litter Champ. It includes all of these features: odor-free and hands-free design, included liners and more. The only innovation left is figuring out how to get your cat to take the trash out instead of you!

The Benefits of a Training Pad Garbage Can

by alexandra

training pad garbage canDog Training Pad Basics

There are many, many ways to potty train a dog. Each dog, just like each person, is different and has a unique personality, habits and quirks. It’s up to you as a new dog parent to see what works best for you and your pup.

You can create a schedule to get your dog used to being ready to go out at a particular time of day, so there are no surprises. You can use a designated spot, 100% of the time for indoor training, or use a few spots throughout your home so your dog can reach a pad in time. You can keep your pup on a leash at all times to get him used to it and remove a new variable when it comes to going outside instead of inside.

There are some hard and fast rules to puppy potty training as well that you should keep in mind. Change the puppy pad after every use. Learn your dog’s signs, which may include walking around stiffly or in circles or sniffing the floor. Don’t punish your dog for having an accident, but reward him or her for using the pad effectively.

The Benefits of Having a Training Pad Garbage Can

Even though there are multiple ways to help you potty train your new dog, it can still be somewhat of a hassle. Having a training pad garbage can is a must-have for anyone training a new puppy. It helps make the process that much easier, so you can focus your energy on quality time with your pup and spend less energy on cleanup time. The Training Champ is the perfect example of a product that really does it all.

The Training Champ  is incredibly simple to use.
– The 7-gallon capacity container will make daily disposal easy, as it severely cuts down on the amount of time you have to spend running ruined pads to the dumpster outside.
– The double-seal lid and lightly scented liner seal odor inside the innovative cannister for good.
– The liner is fully biodegradable, so you can feel good about your environmental impact.
– The canister is durable, made of ADB resin and backed by a 5-year warranty.
– The elegant design is simple, contemporary and fits anywhere in your home.

As long as you’re diligent about cleaning up after your puppy right after he goes, never again will you have to worry about unsightly odors sticking around in your home. And puppy training becomes that much easier.

Three Ways to Control Litter Box Odor

by alexandra

controlling litter box odorWho likes the smell of a dirty litter box? I sure don’t. The smell can permeate a room and sometimes an entire home. Can you imagine if you were the one who had to sit in and use that box on a daily basis? Poor kitty! At least 10% of cats will stop using their litter box if they find it too smelly.

Luckily for us loving cat owners, there are easy ways to curb litter box odor before it even begins.

1. Make Sure You Are Using the Right Litter

The litter you use plays a large part in how well you can control litter box odor. Although cats tend to be rather particular about which kind of litter they like to use, there are definitely some litters that do the job better than others. Look for a kitty litter with these properties:

– Avoid perfumes and additives that claim to mask or bury the smell. They often make the scent more overwhelming and make it easier for the smell to travel. Most cats don’t like them very much anyway.
– Buy a litter that clumps easily, so you can lift all the solid and liquid waste out easily and all at once so nothing gets left behind. Granulated litter has its benefits, but clumping litters grip waste more effectively and help remove it much easier.
– Use a liner in the box or else wash it out weekly to avoid bacteria from sticking to the bottom of the pan and prolonging the odor.

2. Make Sure You Are Emptying The Box Often

Emptying the litter box is a chore no one enjoys. I myself tend to put it off sometimes, even though I know I should do it daily. My cat Bowie has to remind me every so often; he will stand disapprovingly outside his litter box and meow at me until I rush to his aid.

Even though emptying the box is one of the most unappealing parts of having a cat, doing it often will ensure that bacteria doesn’t build up and create an odor. At this point you may be saying, “But emptying the litter box every single day is so time consuming, monotonous and difficult. How can I make it easier?” The answer is simple – Litter Champ.

The Litter Champ makes emptying the litter box as easy at it could possibly be, short of your cat doing it for you. Simply grab the scoop, press down on the Litter Champ’s pedal with your foot, scoop and drop. And you’re done! No plastic bags to hold open, no spills to clean up and no trips to the dumpster taking up your precious time. With a 1-2-3 system like the Litter Champ, emptying the litter box is easy and can be done every day with ease.

3. Make Sure You Are Keeping the Waste Contained

Most cat owners resort to the old system of shoveling their used cat litter, solid and liquid waste and all, into an old plastic grocery bag and either filling it up, or tossing it in the dumpster every time they have to empty the litter box. By keeping the bag around until it’s full, you’re letting bacteria and odor out into the air of your home. Tossing the plastic bag each time may not contribute to odor but let’s face it, it’s annoying, time consuming and flat out too much work – especially if the weather outside isn’t accommodating. So how do you find a happy medium?

The Litter Champ canister has a double-seal lid which keeps the container tightly shut. Little to no bacteria has a chance to escape and spread odor throughout your home. Not only that, but the continuous liners are thick enough to resist tearing and are lightly scented. Even after you remove the bag from the canister, you won’t have to worry about odor. By keeping the waste contained you’re not only eliminating odor, but you’re keeping your home more hygienic by containing potentially harmful bacteria as well.

All in all, the 3 ways to control litter box odor are fairly easy to achieve. Two out of the three can be accomplished with one simple, sleek, easy to use product: the Litter Champ.

Why I Invested in a Cat Litter Disposal System

by alexandra

cat litter disposal systemsWhen I got a cat a few months ago, I was ecstatic. I love animals of all shapes and sizes and having one of my own was an exciting concept. My cat Bowie is extremely affectionate, playful and always is ready to cuddle when I’m feeling down.

After adopting him, it became apparent to me that I would have to get used to many, many trips in the elevator in my apartment building; I was constantly emptying his litter box and had to run the plastic bag down to the dumpster. This got really annoying really quickly. I thought to myself, “I only have one cat – if I want to get him a playmate, I’ll have to go to the dumpster twice as often!”

The Cat Litter Disposal System Process

Luckily not long afterwards, I learned about the Litter Champ. It seemed like a heavenly answer to my prayers. As soon as I got it home and set it up, I realized it was more than worth the investment. It sits unassumingly in my bathroom, practically blending into the wall behind it. I keep the included scoop right next to it. Bowie is extremely clean and hates when his litter box is dirty. So every morning, like a dutiful cat mom, I grab the scoop and clean the box out. With one foot on the Litter Champ pedal, all I have to do is drop the waste in and let the double-sealing lid fall closed. That’s it! No mess, no fuss and no smell.

I was convinced, however, that within a day or two, I would have to empty the cannister. Surely, after a few days worth of waste, my bathroom would smell horrible. But the smell never came. I had a friend over after a week and I cringed when she asked to use the restroom. What if it did stink and I had simply grown accustomed to it? Before she left I asked if the smell bothered her. She told me she didn’t even realize there was a litter box in the room! I was astounded.

It took two full weeks until my canister was full. I also used it for other bathroom waste, so if I had dedicated it purely to litter, I’m sure it would have lasted longer. When I realized I couldn’t fit anything else into the bag, I opened up the front door, pulled the bag down and cut the continuous liner on the covered blade on the inside of the door. I tied off the top and realized happily that even outside the canister, the bag kept in the odor!

The Cat Litter Disposal Benefits

Looking back at what I used to have to do to keep Bowie’s litter box clean, I can’t believe everyone doesn’t use the Litter Champ. I used to have to deal with:

–  Hunting down plastic bags and the guilt that came with using so many
–  That one time the bag split in the elevator and I had to sweep up cat poop in front of my neighbors
–  The smell that permeated my house if I didn’t get to the box in time
–  Constant time-sucking trips to the dumpster
–  The risk of getting my hands dirty when trying to empty the litter box

Eliminating all these pesky factors has truly made buying the Litter Champ worth it.

Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers: Cat Litter Disposal System

by alexandra

cat litter disposal systemFinding the perfect gifts for friends and family is hard enough as it is. You always want to get something they will like and use, not something they would have already bought for themselves. When you’re buying a gift for a cat lover in particular, finding the perfect thing is almost impossible.

Cat people tend to be more open-minded, sensitive, intelligent and independent than dog people. They like gifts that are fun and allow them to connect with and care for their cat; cat people are extremely passionate about their furry feline family members. All that taken into consideration, it’s safe to say cat people make sure to always get the best possible gear, supplies, food and toys for their cats anyway. So, the question stands: what do you get the cat lover that has everything?

Fun Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

Cat lovers tend to be fun-loving and affectionate people, despite the fact that cats are stereotypically aloof. I can say from experience that a cat-lover’s favorite activity is sitting at home with their beloved cat and playing, petting, cuddling and just relaxing. Afterall, quality time with a pet is important no matter what kind of pet you have. So, if you’re shopping for a cat lover, consider something fun and cute they can use when vegging out with their kitty.

Think about getting something cat-themed they can wear – from t-shirts to socks to cat ears – that they can use to express their devotion to their cat. The internet is awash with these kinds of gifts.

Cat toys can be just as fun for the owner as they are for the cat, and most cat parents agree that you can never have too many cat toys. Most cats tend to be picky; they’ll have a few favorite toys and end up ignoring the others. So having variety is key. For example, my cat will only play with string. He turns up his nose at mouse-shaped stuffed animals and laser pointers. But if you hold up a shoelace, his big green eyes will light up immediately.

So when shopping for a fun gift for a cat lover, keep in mind that you should be looking for something that both the cat and cat lover can use and enjoy, no matter how picky the kitty.

Useful Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

Cats tend to be a decent amount of work around the house. While they do require less maintenance than dogs do, they still need to be fed, brushed and pampered. The large majority of cats are indoor ones, so getting them exercise is really important in combating feline obesity and other health issues. Active and healthy gifts can be great for any age and breed of cat. Consider any of the following useful gift ideas for the cat lover in your life:

– Self-scratchers that can be attached to table legs or the corner of a wall so kitty can groom and pet themselves when their owner is away.
– Fun-shaped cat towers or mazes for kitty to climb and scratch.
– Cat perches for windowsills and balconies so the cat can get a glimpse of the outside world.
– A new cat carrier if you’ve noticed the current one is worn out. Who doesn’t want to ride to the vet in style?
– Fun and durable cat scratching posts to sharpen those claws.
– Homemade and healthy cat treats to help maintain a balanced and yummy diet.

All these ideas are incredibly useful for keeping kitty healthy and fit. Your cat-lover pal will thank you for it!

Cat Litter Disposal Systems for Cat Lovers

If all else fails, cat litter disposal systems are an absolute must within the cat-owner community. They make fantastic gifts because they are useful, easy to use and benefit the cat and the owner. Look for a system that is:

– Hands free
– Odor free
– Hygienic
– Good for the environment
– Not an eyesore around the home

The Litter Champ disposal system is a perfect gift for cat lovers. It meets all the above criteria. The hands-free pedal allows for clean disposal. The double-sealing lid and scented liner traps in odor and bacteria. The continuous liner eliminates the need for plastic bags which will never decompose in landfills. The elegant design blends in with any home decor. So next Christmas or birthday, consider the Litter Champ for the cat lover in your life.

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